"You are a stranger here but once."

With the mass amount of coffee shops Nashville has, there is no shortage of places to go sit and daydream, whether with a friend, or just with a journal and a good book. From what I've found, though, a lot of these coffee shops tend to lean on the busy side and are not kind to a creative's wallet.  

Headquarters was one of the first places in Nashville to capture my heart. A friend of mine from back home recommended it to me and on a day where I needed a little slice of home, I finally decided to check it out. I walked in, immediately feeling at home. The shop was pretty packed inside, so the barista directed me to the back patio. I hurried to a seat where I could hide and be productive in peace. That didn't happen. At that point, I was only about 3 weeks into my move to Nashville, and struggling pretty greatly with the transition. In a coffee shop that felt so much like my old home, while still being unique to my new home, I felt my heart start to settle down. I sat there pretending to read my book, but really listening to the conversations and sounds around me. I finally sat down in a moment, not wishing I was somewhere else, or known by everyone around me. This felt like the first breath I had taken in weeks. Out of this moment, came the idea for a Gather section for the Arts Collective. Without being known, I had my first moments of belonging.  With this belonging came inspiration for my first blog, along with renewed hope and trust in my Heavenly Father.   

While having an incredible atmosphere, Headquarters also smiles upon our creative wallets. They specialize in gluten free and vegan options, as well! In shop they only serve local products (may your Nashville flag fly). Along with local food, they have a retail sections of locally, artisan made products (if you would like to sell your products, shoot them an email hqsnashville@gmail.com).  

So friends, whether you need a quiet moment to gather your thoughts, or a place to bring your people together- go forth and gather! 

#JourneyArtsCollective #GoForthAndGather

Ashley White Comment