The Farm is a series of gatherings presented by the Journey Arts Collective for college students and young adults. We desire to cultivate an environment that allows you to connect with others in the arts and its associated industries. We hope to see each person responding to their skills and passions in the freedom of their true identity. We find our voice when we find His voice. Ultimately we want to be a ‘collective’ that responds to our God designed life.

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The Farm is free and open to all young adults.

We welcome you to visit us on a night we're gathering and explore. If you're then interested to get involved in the program and share your art you can register to be a part of it.


TIME: 7.00pm to 9.00pm
DATE: Scroll to Program Below
VENUE: The Cookery in Nashville

Come at 6.45pm to enjoy coffee and conversation before the gathering begins. We meet in the basement of The Cookery which you enter from the side of the building (there is no access through the restaurant).


The address is 1827 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN.

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Faith: First Quarter

Sept 5 - Session 1. Introduction.
Sept 12 - Session 2. Matthew 5:3-4
Sept 26 - Session 3. Matthew 5:5-6
Oct 3 - Session 4. Matthew 5: 7-8
Oct 10 - Session 5. Matthew 9-10


Purpose: Third Quarter

Jan 9 - Art and Story Night
Jan 16 - Session 1. The primary calling
Jan 30 - Session 2. Passions, skills, and meaning, pt. 1
Feb 6 - Session 3. Passions, skills, and meaning, pt. 2
Feb 13 - Session 4. Disappointment and obstacles
Feb 20 - Session 5. The journey of your calling

Identity: Second Quarter

Oct 24 - Art and Story Night
Nov 7 - Session 1. Identity in Christ, Pt. 1
Nov 14 - Session 2. Identity in Christ, Pt. 2
Nov 28 - Session 3. Components of identity
Dec 5 - Session 4. Integrating identity
Dec 12 - Session 5. The journey of identity


Action: Fourth Quarter

Mar 13 - Art and Story Night
Mar 20 - Session 1. Integrating faith, identity, and calling
Apr 3 - Session 2. First steps forward
Apr 10 - Session 3. The long journey
Apr 17 - FINAL Session 4. Heart, soul, and mind
May 1 - Celebrate.

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The Farm program is divided into four quarters, each with a different area of focus. These include faith, identity, purpose and action. When you do the program you are given a small group led by facilitators and mentors working in an artistic field. There will be 6 to 8 people in your group. To create stability and momentum you will have the same people in your group for the duration of each quarter. Our gatherings are always infused with creativity and we welcome your input. 


As each topic begins we make a commitment to one another to attend all the gatherings for that quarter (made up of 5 gatherings). Our time together focuses on facilitated conversation as we explore the content that has been given. We aim to see everyone adding to the conversation in a balanced way. All this helps to create safety for the village. We will also have a village to welcome anyone who wants to attend on any given night. 


We begin a new quarter with 'art and story' night. This is an opportunity to celebrate the journey so far as we invite you to share your artistry and what you've been experiencing at The Farm. We encourage you to invite your friends. There's also a preview for the topic ahead and the invitation to opt in. If you no longer want to be part of the program you can also opt out. Friends are welcome to join  your village at the start of a new quarter (space permitting).

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