FEAR. By Josh Dunn

Fear is something that unites us all.  Our fears are uniquely intimate to us, and exist at the very core of our being.   I think most people would say that fear is natural, even healthy in some aspects; fear is a mechanism of our survival instinct, and in many cases can keep us from harm.

This to me is the most dangerous way to define fear, for though it may preserve or prolong our life on this earth, a life sustained by fear is rarely a full one.  Fear paralyzes us from living the way God intended us to.  This is why Jesus spoke so adamantly against anxiety and fear in His teachings.  He recognized that we were made for something greater.

Whether we know it or not, each of us is deeply afraid of something.  What are you afraid of?  Can you see the ways in which your fear may be holding you back?  I encourage you to search your heart honesty, and answer these questions with vulnerability.  Giving name to our fears is the first step toward the freedom of living the way God created us to.


A prayer for the fearful: 

O God, would You take away the fear that plagues my heart.  I believe that You are greater than my fears, and that Your plan for my life is better than anything I can see now.  Give me clarity to see the fear in my own heart, and give me faith to trust in You alone.  Amen.

If you're looking to learn more about what the Bible teaches us about fear, here are some good places to start: 

John 10:10

Luke 12:22-34

Psalm 23