The Travelers

These are the artists that embraced the 2017 European Pilgrimage.


Catlin’s artistic interests include writing and “just appreciating other art forms,” identifying herself as “an observer at heart.” 

She cites Gugor’s album One Wild Life: Soul as a current favorite, embracing the challenging, abstract approach to “difficult and beautiful things", explaining, “I feel it stretching my creative limits just through listening.”


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As a writer, cook, and interior designer, English has a passion for “facilitating an atmosphere of community” through her arts.

One of her favorite poems is My Soul Counseled by Kahlil Gibran, believing that “the piece exists to reveal beauty where it was once unseen... This brings a deep sense of calm-assuredness over me when I read it.”  



"Music is an artistic medium that inadvertently became an essential part of my life.” Peter, a recent graduate of Belmont University, explains, “I'm a sucker for a great story and those are the kind of records I freak out over."

Ok Computer by Radiohead, for example, was the first album that caused me to look beyond my preconceived notion of what great music is. Now I’m addicted... I’ve experienced the spirit within music and I can’t get enough.”


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Ashley has a passion for music, writing, and gathering experiences through travel.

She points to the album The First Days of Spring by Noah & the white whale as one of her favorite works of art, stating, “I had a moment with this album in one of the heaviest seasons of my life & it gave me a glimpse of understanding & healing.”



A writer and performer, one of Clint’s favorite art pieces is Leonard Berstein’s “Chichester Psalm.”

“I have always been moved by its effective illustration of the struggles of man,” he states, “it reminds to me that submission to God's purpose and leadership is the best way to have peace in the middle of any circumstances.”



“I’m torn between art forms, but I’m a writer and performer at heart,” Mandy explains.

“Comedy influences most everything I do, and my favorite ‘special’ is Colin Quinn’s Long Story Short, a one-man-show examining the history of mankind. He never wastes a moment... the audience is an instrument he plays like a master musician.



Margaret is a cook and photographer with a keen interest in Van Gogh’s Midnight Cafe.

“I think its purposes,” she states, “is to make us want to sit at a cafe in Paris in the evening, drinking a cup of coffee...and I’ve always loved the calm, serene way it makes me feel.”


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Angel is a singer songwriter who is impacted by the work of Alexander Calder, an artist known for originating the delicate hanging Mobile approach to sculpture. Angel describes this as a "ways to see multiple layer demensions through hanging objects"

Most popular of his work is Solar System. In describing it's impact Angel expresses, "I still get blown away by the thought of Calder's mind process when he discovered that he could demonstrate the solar system so simply and wonderfully with a coat hanger."

PaTricia has interests in expressing her creativity through painting, drawing, textiles and poetry. A favorite art piece of hers is The Dinky Bird by Mayfield Parrish by Eugene Field (1904). Patricia describes this work as "an illustration from poems of childhood." 

"Parrish used a unique technique for layering paint and varnish that gives the colors in his paintings a richness and depth that I find spellbinding. The subject matter is fanciful and fairytale like and offers a means of escape to another world.  I find his work complex yet refreshing and calming at the same time."
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