The fast paced life of our day to day is removed as we slow down together in places of great beauty. Artistic settings that call us to mysterious wonder. Here we will lead you into soul environments where the whispers of God are heard and you are awakened to the voice He has uniquely placed inside of you.


We believe one of the most effective ways for our group to process and respond to the experiences we’ll have is through our art. We intentionally set aside time for us to create as we walk the ancient streets of Rome, sit at a park bench to gaze upon the breathtaking mountains rising out of Lake Geneva, listen to local musicians at a Parisian café, repose in one of the many great cathedrals, lie down in the Tuscan countryside or linger in one of the famous galleries of Florence.



As we travel through the cities of Paris, Lausanne, Rome and Florence we spend time with local artists. We are welcomed into their lives, homes and churches, leading to a privileged cultural opportunity that is deeply personal. Many of these artists continue to navigate an artistic and spiritual journey vastly different to ours in the US, so come ready to listen, learn and be inspired. It's an experience of mission where the posture of humility awakens us to serve opportunities that more often are a work in the unseen. One where there is a ministering to the soul that thirsts to know and be known. We have seen God using these experiences to illuminate all He has made us to be, propelling us forward into His purpose when we return. When love causes us to look outward we discover what is uniquely inward.